Aspire Recruitment Solutions Top Posts for 2016

As we enter the end of the calendar year and look forward to a great 2017, we felt that it would be good to share some of our great post from the past year.  We have covered various human resource and recruiting topics and we continue to provide tips for both those seeking employment and employers who are looking to add talent to their teams.  We wish all of our clients continued success in 2017.  Aspire Recruitment Solutions will continue to provide HR Support and HR Strategies for those organizations looking to grow and take their organizations to the next level.

Aspire Recruitment Solutions Top Posts for 2016

Here is a look at some of our favourite posts from the past year.

  1. 16 Reasons to Consider Outplacement Services – The need for outplacement services is there and available to those organizations that need it. If your organization is undergoing such change, the timing may be right to evaluate your need for outplacement.  This article touches on the need for outplacement services and how to determine if your organization is undergoing such change, where the timing may be right to evaluate your need for outplacement.
  2. Why Using Social Media for Recruiting is ImportantSocial media has always been a useful tool in terms of recruiting. Whether you are a professional recruiter finding talent for 20 positions for a large organization or an HR manager looking to compile a shortlist, social media has become an important if not critical recruiting tool.  For employers there are two main ways to use social media in recruiting efforts.  This article discusses how to use social media to bolster your recruiting efforts.
  1. What is HR Consulting?learn more with this piece all about human resource consulting and how HR Consulting is something that business owners should consider if they want to continue to grow their business. Whether you are a small business or a larger business with multiple locations, leveraging a recruiting agency that provides HR consulting may be just what you need to take your business to the next level.
  2. Five Things Job Seekers Care About in Their Job SearchThe times they are a changin’ are they not? While you may still be seeing record number of applicants for posted positions, you may have noticed that the quality of those applicants has improved in the past few years.  The Digital Age has allowed people to become more educated more quickly.  This has had a direct impact on the Millennial job seeker.  With Millennials there is less brand loyalty and less company loyalty these days.  With more educated job seekers comes a savvier job seeker.  A job seeker that is not afraid to change careers, let alone a specific job or role.  Learn what motivates today’s job seekers and how you can update your recruiting strategy to attract these candidates.
  3. Are You Contributing to Occupational Burnout? In today’s workforce, companies and employees are expected do more with less. However, in this day and age you have to support your teams.  Your people can be, and quite often are, your greatest asset to your organization.  You can create brand evangelists for your organization by taking care of your staff and by helping reduce job stress and occupational burnout.  Are you contributing to occupational burnout?  Read out to learn more.
  1. Recruiting a Rockstar and Grooming Them for SuccessEvery organization needs a rockstar or two. The rockstar is your go-to person when you need results. The rockstar is the person that can lead your team to greater results either by example or by motivating fellow team members. The rockstar believes in your business, your brand and your future. So how does one recruit a rockstar? Check out this article for more.
  2. Building a Powerful Profile on LinkedIn: The importance of Selling Yourself – LinkedIn is a powerful social network used by professionals. LinkedIn has had a reputation of being one of the more trustworthy social networks out there, mainly due to its members being professionals, career aspiring folks who are looking to make the right connections in hope of landing their dream job.  Building a strong profile on LinkedIn can be a great way to share your experience and resume.
  3. Job Interview Mistakes and How to Correct Them – In the recruitment world, we see many people coming in who are looking for employment. Job seekers are many and as we have blogged before about there is a right way to go about your job search. Yet so many people are still doing things that hurt their chances of finding employment. You don’t want to rub prospective employers the wrong way. After all, competition for jobs can be extremely competitive.  Why reduce your chances of being selected as a successful candidate?  To help job seekers put forth the best impression possible, here are some of our least favorite job interview mistakes (and how to correct them).
  4. Helpful Tips for Writing a Strong Cover Letter – preparing a cover letter and resume is crucial for the job applicant. Learn more about how to create a solid cover letter in preparation for securing an interview.
  5. How Recruiters Can Assist with Onboarding – One of the key values of a recruiter is to provide assistance to your HR team. Traditionally the main goal of a recruiter is to help with staffing to ensure great people are brought in to fill a specific need.  The Human Resources team then attempts to work with these new team members and helps train them so that they become an even better team fit and become a loyal member of your organization.  Learn more with this article.

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