10 Things to Look For in a Temp Employment Agency

There continues to be an increasing trend in organizations who are looking to hire temporary employees.  With some uncertainty in the world right now lots of companies have temporary employment needs where they could use short-term relief.  Perhaps an employee has gone on leave due to the stress they are feeling for their health, has left the company entirely or a new project has emerged that requires some additional resourcing.  Whatever the reason, leveraging a temp agency to assist with your staffing needs can help provide some temporary relief.

So then, what should you look for when you need to leverage a recruiting agency that specializes in the placement of temp employees?

10 Things to Look For in a Temp Employment Agency

When seeking a temp agency to work with, here are some considerations to factor in:

  1. Candidate Inventory – Does the temp agency have an established inventory of temporary candidates? Do they have potential candidates that can be placed quickly?
  2. Does the agency pre-screen the candidates – you will want to ensure that the temp agency can pre-screen the candidates which can save you time and money.
  3. Does the agency have experience placing temp employees in your industry? – Some recruiting firms or staffing agencies only focus their efforts on certain industries. Check to see that they have experience in your area of expertise.
  4. Timing – an experienced temp agency should be nimble and able to place successful candidates quickly. In some cases you might need a temporary resource with limited notice.  A good temp agency should have some potential candidates in their database.
  5. Does the temp agency take care of all of the necessary paperwork? – When looking at working with a temp staffing agency, ensure that they will take care of the necessary paperwork in terms of setting up the successful candidate. This might include ensuring proper set up of payroll and deductions.
  6. Clear Communication – a strong temp agency will have a proven track record in setting the expectations for the candidate in terms of communicating key aspects of the position including hours, rate of pay, project duration or other details.
  7. Provide/Checking of References – you should ensure that the temp staffing agency can provide references for the candidates and in some cases have checked the references for those candidates.
  8. Administration of Background Checks – your temp agency should be able to administer background checks on all temporary candidates. You want to ensure that there are no lingering legal issues with the candidate.
  9. Understand and Follow Legal Protocol – your temp agency should be following all of the standard legal protocol and compliance issues related to things such as ensuring that the candidate is legally able to work in Canada, wage requirement (must be paid at least minimum wage) or other employment related issues.
  10. Backup candidates – sometimes a temp worker just does not work out. For whatever reason that may be.  A strong temp agency will have potential backup candidates that they can tap into should an original candidate not work out.

The demand for temporary workers will continue to rise.  When traditional staffing practices may not work, you will need to expand your options and tap into the temporary or freelance staffing marketing.

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