Better Interviews, Better Hires: How Recruitment Services Make It Happen

Strange. If a candidate for your company’s open position came into your office and proceeded to ask if it would okay if she ate her lunch during the interview, you would definitely think,“This is strange.”

Can you believe bizarre situations like this actually happen?  It’s an extreme case, but as this Fast Company article suggests, hiring interviews can be a downright circus.  A circus you can’t afford to attend.

Candidate interviews are often one of the more time-consuming aspects of hiring.  After sifting through LinkedIn, reaching out to prospects, background checking, reference checking, social media checking, sanity checking (yours, not the candidate), there’s still the sit-down. The conversation. There’s an overwhelming checklist to cover, to evaluate competency and cultural fit.

“Job interviews are not fun,” says Forbes contributor Kristi Hedges. “For most executives, they’re viewed as a necessary evil to building a team – a box to be checked, a hurdle to get over, so they can get back to business.”

Simply put, they’re a stress point for candidates and employers alike.

But what if interviews could be better?

Imagine enhanced, more efficient interviews with only the most qualified candidates for your position.  Imagine skipping the mundane questions to get to the heart of the matter – the genuine character of the person in front of you. Hiring managers understand the importance of behavioral interview questions for assessing future job performance, but few have the luxury of time to ask.

Enter recruitment services

Working with a recruiter to find your next great hire takes care of the technical stuff – screening, checking, and qualifying candidates – so you can focus on pinpointing the best fit for your team.

Here’s how it works:

  1. The recruiter selects prospects for your position from a rich database of prescreened candidates, based on an in-depth understanding of your requirements and company culture.
  2. Prospects undergo an initial interview with the recruiter, reference checks and aptitude testing to ensure technical viability for your position.
  3. The recruiter curates a shortlist of qualified candidates.
  4. You interview the shortlist candidates and make your final selection.

Your interview, your questions

Ultimately, you know what makes an employee worthwhile to your company. Take advantage of your interview time to hone in on qualities such as:

  • Leadership
  • Decision-making
  • Ambition
  • Creativity
  • Adaptability
  • Risk-taking
  • Problem solving

Expose these characteristics with questions like:

“Think about a time that you took a risk and failed, and another where you took a risk and succeeded. What was the difference?”

“What has been one of your proudest moments at work?”

“If you had a choice between working a job with high and low periods of workload, or a job with a steady volume of work, which would you choose and why?”

“Tell me about a time you solved a difficult problem at work.”

“Describe a decision you made that wasn’t popular and how you managed implementing it.”

Check out more question samples at the “Top Ten Behavioral Interview Questions” About page.

Recruitment services optimize hiring

With the opportunity to thoroughly assess qualified candidates for success within your specific company environment, you reduce the risk of bad hires. As we mentioned in a recent blog post titled “The Staffing Services Benefit You Can’t Afford To Ignore”, a bad hire can cost a company anywhere from $25000- $50000.  That’s money you could be using to build your business.

Consider your options

If you had the option to make candidate interviews less stressful and more productive, would you do it? Contact Stacey at Aspire Recruitment Solutions today to learn about the recruitment services available to you!

Remember: when it comes to hiring in Kelowna, you’ve got options.