Need Summer Staffing? Recruitment Agencies Recommend Hiring Students

Sometimes, the grey skies and mucky slush that comes with February in the Okanagan gets me down.  But now I have a trick to beat the blues; I simply close my eyes and cast my mind back to summer.  An imaginative mini-holiday, if you will.Flip flops, barbeques, sandy beaches and crisp dives into Lake Okanagan – it all comes alive in my mind for a few fleeting, sensational moments.

There’s no time like the summertime for relaxation and Vitamin-D-enhanced-fun.  I’d suggest preparing to make the most of it by securing your staff support now.  Students are already looking for summer work, and they might just be the people you need to boost business success.  Close your eyes and imagine what your summer could be like with the help of secured, student staffers: full of sunshine and stress-free.

Here’s why recruitment agencies such as Aspire Recruitment Solutions recommend hiring students for summer staffing:

Why hire students?

Try before you buy

Your summer student staffer could become your next great full-time hire. Take advantage of the temporary position to “test drive” his or her work approach and company culture fit; these are qualities that are hard to assess from academic references and background checks.

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Boost your reputation

Hiring students for summer staffing is a great way to boost your company reputation as a fun and rewarding place to work.  Students who have positive experiences are likely to spread the word to fellow students and friends, and that means easier hiring and better brand awareness for you.

Get stuff done

Is there a project gathering dust on your desk? It could be the perfect task for your student hire. Dispatch “assignments” that are challenging and hands-on, so both you and your temporary worker can reap the benefits of the experience.

Gain a fresh perspective

“If you work for an organization that has anything to do with the youth, pop culture, or social media, there’s going to come a time when you’ll want a youngster’s opinion and help,” advises Forbes contributor Lily Herman in her article about the advantages of hiring high school students.  Even if you opt for older students, the fresh perspective is sure to do your workplace some good.  From market research to company operations, take advantage of your student hires’ insight to improve your business.

How do recruitment agencies make hiring students easier?

Recruitment agencies work directly with colleges and universities to find talent.  This ensures their clients get first pick of the best candidates, before those students seek out other opportunities.

Also, recruitment agencies handle eligibility screening, competence assessment and initial interviews, saving employers time and money.

Want to learn more about the advantages of working with recruitment agencies? Check out the Aspire Recruitment Solutions FAQ page for all the details.

Here’s more great news

February is the key month to secure your summer staff.  This is when high school and college/university students start hunting for job opportunities related to their chosen field or interest.

By spring break, you could be all set for seasonal staffing. Now just close your eyes and imagine what you can do with your well-deserved summertime…

How to get started

Contact Stacey at Aspire Recruitment Solutions to prepare for what could be the most stress-free summer business season yet. From temporary staffing to HR training, full-time employee solutions and more, Stacey and her team has you covered!