The Staffing Services Benefit You Can’t Afford To Ignore

It’s five o’clock, rush hour.Sitting in your car at a jam-packed stop after a busy day at the office, you realize you missed lunch. Food is a distant breakfast memory, and suddenly, your stomach caves. Hunger seethes violently through every particle in your body.  You root through the glove box for a packet of soda crackers, a throat lozenge, anything to curb this nagging feeling.

The car in front of you inches ahead, and you touch the gas pedal. You stop a half-block up, and a waft of warm, buttery bread-scent shimmers through your window.

You turn and look: there’s a bakery across the highway.

The throbbing hunger multiplies to an all-consuming volume in your stomach.  You’re famished. Just seventeen more blocks until you’re home to that glorious pantry…

Some things are hard to ignore.

Other things? Not so much. Tax season comes to mind.

And here’s another: the dollars you could be saving your company with the help of staffing services.

Staffing services save employers money

Just how much money are we talking about here? Let me show you.

Take a minute to check out this awesome infographic from Simply Hired. The jaw-dropping statistics presented below are cited from their research into the true cost of employee burnout, bad hires, and inefficiency. You won’t believe the savings you could be missing out on…

Employee burnout

Unscheduled absenteeism costs roughly $3600 per year per hourly worker, and $2650 per year per salaried worker.   As noted in our blog post about preventing employee burnout, lost productivity in the workplace due to absenteeism, turnover and other burnout symptoms cost Canadian companies over $6.3 billion in 2011.  Overworking your workers is seriously expensive.

Illnesses derived from employee burnout are the leading causes of such absences, and are avoidable with the help of staffing services. Temporary workers help relieve the pressure and stress of busy seasons, allowing full-time employees to focus on what they do best.

From office tasks to customer service, temporary employees are there when you need them, for the help you require to keep your team energized and healthy.

Bad-hire costs

As Simply Hired reports, bad hires can cost a company anywhere from $25,000 to  $50,000.  And that doesn’t count the average 10% decrease in sales, too. All in all, most companies simply can’t afford to bring on people who may not make the cut.

That’s why it’s advantageous to hire new employees through a staffing agency. Candidates undergo extensive background checks, aptitude testing, and interviews as part of the recruiter’s thorough qualification process.

There’s no other solution that ensures quality hires like staffing services.

Time on the clock

Are you in a scramble to replace a key employee? Cost of vacancy for top talent can range from $7000 to $12000 per day.  And when the task of finding, interviewing, hiring and on-boarding that next great employee is on your time, billable hours at the office go down ever further.

Next time, save your valuable work hours with the help of a recruiter. Staffing services provide a direct route for finding and hiring the employees you need. Whether you need a temporary staffer to take on extra tasks, or a full-time replacement for an upper management position, recruiters expedite the process so you can keep business ticking along as usual.

 You can’t ignore the advantages of staffing services

With the numbers in front of you, it’s hard to ignore the revenue-boosting benefits of staffing services. You might not associate employee burnout and bad hires with dollar signs, but now that you know what you stand to gain for your bottom line, the next step is urgently clear:

It’s time to get in touch with a recruiter.


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