Keeping the Team Motivated During the Holidays

Keeping your staff motivated during the holidays can be a trying experience some years… but it doesn’t have to be.  It can be a challenge to keep everyone on task.  In addition, you may have a few people taking vacation time which can leave you a little shorthanded during the holiday season.

Here are five tips for keeping your staff engaged during the holiday season and at the end of the calendar year.

  1. Set Clear Goals for Each of Your Teams – going into Q4 it is a good idea to remind everyone of the goals that have been set for the organization and for their particular departments. Moving into December, communicate and remind the team of the goals and the status of attaining the goals.  If the teams have achieved their goals have them set a target for December.  Set challenging goals.  Give them something more to strive for. 
  2. Recognize Performance – the holiday season is a great time to celebrate success. Simple recognition of performance can go a long way and set a positive tone heading into the holiday season.  Weather it is through a thank you card/letter, a phone call, email, unscheduled lunch or even a formal monetary bonus anytime that you can recognize strong performance is a positive thing. 
  3. Be Empathetic – the holidays can be a rewarding but also stressful time for employees. Management should show compassion and empathy during this time by conveying positive energy and emotional support to their dedicated staff.  Focus on the positive and fill the emotional bank accounts of your team members.  (Filling their financial bank accounts does not hurt either). 
  4. Be Transparent with Goals for the Next Year – set the tone for the next calendar year by establishing clear goals and communicating these goals with your team. When employees feel that they are playing an active role in the development and progress of their company, they are less likely to become less motivated and disinterested in their jobs. 
  5. Encourage Work/Life Balance – the holiday season is a great time for your employees to recharge their batteries. Encourage time off and give your team some down time so that they can hit the new year running and full of motivation.  While you may not be able to shut down entirely during the holidays, offer flexibility so that employees have the option of spending some quality time with their friends and family outside of the workplace.

A positive work environment is key for success.  Set up your employees for success by showing appreciation for their efforts and keep them motivated by having clear goals in place.  We already know that work/life balance is one of the most important benefits for employees, so be sure to encourage this especially during the holiday season. 

Create an enjoyable atmosphere in the workplace and your team will remain loyal, driven and passionate about their roles in your organization.

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