16 Reasons to Consider Outplacement Services in 2016

So many organizations have been hit hard by some of the recent economics of the Canadian and overall North American markets.  As a result, a number of organizations are having to undergo some form of restructuring or downsizing to adapt to the economic conditions.   While the Unemployment Rate in Canada remained unchanged at 7.10 percent in December of 2015, there has definitely been a trend in the jobs that are available or are no longer available.  According to data from tradingeconmics.com, “In December, employment increased by 17,000 in health care and social assistance, 15,000 in educational services and 10,000 in finance, insurance, real estate and leasing. Conversely, employment declined by 14,000 in accommodation and food services and 7,900 in agriculture.”  December saw a decline of 6,400 full-time positions, so the need for outplacement services is there and available to those organizations that need it.  If your organization is undergoing such change, the timing may be right to evaluate your need for outplacement.

16 Reasons to Consider Outplacement Services in 2016

So how do you determine if or when you should consider offering outplacement services? Well in essence if you have a need to transition employees either within your organization or from your organization then you should be considering outplacement services.

Here are a number of reasons as to why your company may want to consider looking into outplacement solutions in 2016.

  1. Your company is restructuring
  2. Your company is downsizing
  3. Your company has been acquired by another firm
  4. Your solution or product offering is changing
  5. You require a different core skillset within your business offering
  6. You are expanding and need to transition employees to new or other divisions
  7. You are expanding your service offering
  8. Your organization is experience a major fluctuation in business activity
  9. You need to reduce operational costs
  10. You are facing uncertainty of the economic climate in your industry
  11. There has been significant change in your business growth projections
  12. Change in strategic direction
  13. You need to have targeted layoffs based on the changing economy that may be affecting your parent company
  14. You want to reduce the negative impact of layoffs on your employees
  15. You want to support your staff in a new position or with a career change
  16. Layoffs are coming and you want to “protect your brand” from negative commentary

Historical data shows that even though outplacement services are more frequently used at the more senior job levels, 30% of organization provide outplacement services for all staff members. While outplacement services can range from employee counseling and career guidance to resume writing, job placement help, skill assessments and more, offering outplacement services can be less intrusive than some other ways of reducing the workforce in your organization.  As seen in this graph from http://www.hrma.ca there are a number of approaches that organizations use to reduce staffing requirements.

outplacement services

At the end of the day, outplacement services are designed to help make the career transition easier for laid off employees and they help you as an employer to do the right thing for displaced employees.  From an employer perspective, outplacement services becomes important for those organizations that truly care about their team and individuals who may are experiencing a layoff of job loss.  As a result organizations can assist their employees with career transition and will seek a third party to provide Outplacement services.

For more information on Outplacement and career transitioning solutions, contact us today to set up a consultation.  2016 may be a year of change, but it should be a year of change for the good.  Speak with one of our experienced HR consultants and begin preparing your outplacement strategy today!