Recruiting Tips for 2016

Finding the right fit for your team can be a challenge.  Not only do you need the experience, but you need someone who will fit in with your corporate culture and team.  With today’s technology and the increased use of online activity, recruiting practices have changed.  As a recruiter in Kelowna and the Okanagan Valley, Aspire Recruitment Solutions employ the latest recruiting practices to help match our clients with the right resources.  We help you reduce the challenge and risk in your staffing needs.  Aspire Recruitment Solutions is pleased to provide 10 recruiting tips for organizations to address hiring and talent acquisition challenges in 2016.

  1. Make the application process simple – First off it begins with the application process. Try not to over complicate the process with long forms or applications that need to be filled out.  Depending on your industry or type of business, candidates may not complete the process if they feel that they are having to give up too much information too soon.
  2. Make it easy for candidates to find you – this is especially true with when presenting job descriptions on your web properties. You should ensure that your postings are conspicuous on your website (typically in your careers section) and be sure to keep your job postings updated.  This goes for posting on third party sites as well such as Indeed, Monster or LinkedIn.  Make it easy for potential candidates to review current job listings for your company.
  3. Think Mobile Recruiting – did you know that in May 2015, Google stated that there are more mobile searches than desktop searches via Google search? Mobile queries would include mobile browser-based searches and those coming from mobile search apps.   It is all about convenience as today’s generation is “plugged in” all of the time.  From a recruiting perspective this means ensuring that the careers section of your website is optimized for mobile so that users on a tablet or smartphone can easily see your job postings.
  4. Encourage employee referrals – word of mouth is quite often the best form of marketing. Creating a solid employee referral program can go a long way in attracting candidates and the resources that you are looking for.  Your existing employees will have a vast network of potential resources to reach out to.  In today’s world with social media, the ability to reach people quickly and in a timely manner is the norm.  You have already assembled a strong team, why not tap into your team for some recruiting help?
  5. Leverage social media – speaking of social media, be sure that you are posting your positions and advertised jobs via social channels. Not only on LinkedIn, but on your company’s Facebook page or via your Twitter account.  Depending on the social channels that you use, you can communicate your staffing needs to the masses via the right social media channels.
  6. Post your jobs strategically – this means varying the channels that you use. It means ensuring that your postings show up to the right audience at the right time and are not buried on page seven of the Classifieds.  It means using social media to promote your postings during peak traffic times so that they get the most exposure.  Learn when to use careers sites and job boards in addition to your social channels.
  7. Establish a great list of screening questions – asking the right questions can save you a lot of time in the recruiting process. Always work on building a strong inventory of screening questions that you can use throughout the interview process.  You can improve interview efficiencies by being prepared with a list of core questions that can be used to determine if a candidate should move on through the hiring process or not.
  8. Use a recruiter – yes we are a recruiting and staffing agency, but sometimes your HR or hiring teams may be spread a little too thin. That is where a recruiter comes in.  We can do the heavy lifting for you.  We can provide you with the HR support  you need and can help you streamline your recruiting processes.  Recruiters have the ability to automate some of the processes saving you time and money in your hiring efforts.  Here is a quick overview of how a recruiter can assist your company.
  9. Leverage and support your HR Manager or Hiring Manager – empower your HR teams or HR manager to define your recruiting process and to establish clear expectations in your recruiting strategy.
  10. Always market your Brand – make your company a desirable place to work. Communicate this fact to your audience (which will include potential candidates and future employees).  Promote areas such as your company culture and share team accomplishments.  Communicate your mantra and your reason for being in business.  Building a positive brand experience is beneficial for so many reasons, but have you ever thought about how it can help your recruiting efforts?

Having a clearly defined recruiting strategy does not have to be a complicated endeavor.  The more prepared you are, the clearer your expectations are and the ability to automate portions of the recruiting and hiring process can make for more successful hiring practices.  Of course if you need some help with your recruiting efforts we are ready and willing to assist you in your staffing needs.  Good luck with your recruiting efforts in 2016.

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