Why Employers Should Engage with a Recruiter

We have previously discussed the benefits of utilizing a staffing agency or recruiter, and while staffing needs change, the need to hire employees in an efficient and cost effective manner does not.  As an HR Manager, your employer is expecting you to build a highly efficient team by hiring the right personnel.  Ineffective hires, employee turnover, failure to screen the right applicants and inefficiency can be an unnecessary expense.  Engaging with a recruiter is one way to improve the process and cut down on unnecessary hiring expenses.

Why Employers Should Engage with a Recruiter

Work smarter not harder right?  Seems simple enough, then why do so many organizations have trouble finding the right candidates?  Why do many organizations struggle with their recruitment needs?  One reason could be the generation gap.  Take Millennials for example, as they value company culture more than any other generation.  Many employers may not be accustomed to the difference and challenges that a changing demographic can bring.  Many employers are not prepared for this “generation gap” and as a result, the impact on their recruiting efforts is evident.  Quite often recruiters have more experience in dealing with these types of issues and can be much more effective in screening of applicants and finding the right fit for an organization.

Here is a look at five reasons why employers should engage with a recruiter.

  1. Times, they are a changin’ – as we just mentioned the millennial generation is unlike any before. They have a sense of entitlement and have a different perception of what the employer – employee relationship should consist of.  Recruiters are experienced in using digital media such as social media to monitor and engage with millennials and can be much more effective at finding a more suitable candidate as a result.  It’s really about improving the quality of candidates that you can select from.  Recruiters and staging agencies can help ensure that candidates:
    • fit with your organizations’ goals
    • fit with your organizations’ culture
  2. Recruiters WILL save you time – we have all heard the clichés “time is money” and it is true, wasting time like it was free is something that many organization overlook when it comes to recruiting. Staffing agencies tend to have a list of potential candidates already waiting, so as recruiters they can save your organization a ton of money by surfacing candidates that have already been pre-screened.  People are busy and the interview process can be a very time consuming one.  Why not work with a recruiter to save time as they help you find the right candidate for your posted position?
  3. Competition is Fierce – in this day and age, employees are more versed and more aware of their options. In fact, depending on the industry, many people also have the options of being self-employed.  So while you may find the right candidate they may come at a steeper price.  Working with a recruiter allows you to cut through the competitiveness and focus on the candidates that are ideal for your organization.  Recruiters can sift through the persons that are nice to have or the candidate that is a must have.
  4. Recruiters WILL save you money – it is well documented about how much the cost of a bad hire can cause a company. As Simply Hired reports bad hires can cost a company anywhere from $25,000 to $50,000.  Recruiters are trained professionals who conduct a methodical process to interview and find candidates for your organization.  They know what to look for and what potential red flags may be.  Why take the chance knowing that hiring the wrong employee and attempting to fix the mistake within 3-6 months can cost as much as three times the person’s salary.  The main function of a recruitment or staffing agency is to make successful placements.  They are in the business of finding you the right candidate for your position.
  5. Recruiters are focused on finding the best candidate – whether you are the business owner, operations manager, HR manager or other, you most likely have other tasks at hand. Going through a lengthily interview process is probably not a favorite or high priority action item for you… but it is for a recruiter.  Again let’s point out that a recruitment agency main focus and motivation is to find you the best candidate for your organization.  That’s their job, and that is what they are trained to do.  Working with a staffing agency can alleviate task that you as an employer or HR manager may not truly have time or proper experience for.  Recruiters are results oriented folks, their success is dependent on finding the proper placement for your staffing needs.

If you feel that your company may benefit from partnering with a recruitment agency, contact us today for assistance with your recruiting and staffing needs!

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