Aspire’s Top 8 Articles of 2018

Missed some of our articles and blog posts from the past year?  No worries, we’ve got you covered with a list of our annual top posts of the year.  We’ve written about everything from employment trends and tips on how to screen resumes to leveraging AI in recruiting.  With that, here is a look at our top articles from 2018.

1.       The Importance of Workplace Wellness – While there has been a lot of discussion in recent years about work/life balance, many organizations still don’t have formal policies around acknowledging mental health.  Yet mental health, rather employee health, is probably the number one factor when it comes to employee retention.  Originally posted in September 2018.

2.       Three Uses for Artificial Intelligence in Recruiting – There is a growing trend in leveraging technology to streamline or automate tasks.  In fact, when it comes to recruiting, there is software that applies machine learning to job applications and resumes to help screen candidates. This is but one of the many functions where artificial intelligence can be used in recruiting.  AI-powered solutions can be applied to every part of the recruiting process.  Originally published in May 2018.

3.       7 Tips to Create a Strong Corporate Culture – Every company wants to be known as one of the top places to work or one of the top employers in <insert industry name here>.  Actually, very few organizations can truly boast that they are a top place to work.  One of the things that can set an organization apart is corporate culture, however, corporate culture can mean different things to different organizations.  Learn more with this post from July 2018.

4.       HR Practices: How to Screen Resumes – Depending on your business you may receive a handful of resumes or you may receive hundreds of resumes for a posted position. This may impact the amount of time you will have to review resumes. A few years back, an eye tracking study was conducted which stated that some recruiters may spend as little as six seconds reviewing an individual resume. While your screening process may not be that quick, the following tips can assist you in being more efficient in reviewing applicant resumes.  From February 2018.

5.       Winter Wellness Tips for the Workplace: 2019 Edition – There is something to be said for building a positive work environment not only in winter but year round.  Want to help your employees battle the winter blues?  Why not establish a winter wellness plan for your office, shop, or place of work.  Here are ten things you can do you help battle the winter blues.  Originally posted in November of 2018.

6.       Ten Tips for Hiring Your First Employee – Starting a new business?  Looking to expand?  Explore these tips for hiring your first employee.  Originally published in June 2018.

7.       How Recruiters Can Assist in the Interview Process – A look at seven areas where recruiters can assist in the interview process.  From February 2018.

8.       The Canadian Labour Shortage FAQs – According to the recent Manpower Group 2018 Talent Shortage survey, forty-one percent of Canadian employers are reporting difficulty in filling jobs.  Various reports suggest that the labour shortage has not been this severe since 2006… and it could get worse. Learn about what some of the more challenging roles to hire for are and more on the Canadian Labour shortage that is being experienced.  Originally posted in October 2018.







Thank you for checking out our blog.  We wish our readers best of luck as you move into 2019.

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