Three Uses for Artificial Intelligence in Recruiting

Artificial Intelligence (or A.I.) is one of the latest buzzwords that you are most likely hearing in recent months.  AI is being discussed in marketing circles, within the digital world and in industries from manufacturing to retail.  While some are resisting the AI or machine learning movement, there are various benefits to leveraging AI technology.  Automation of tedious tasks is never a bad thing.  Leveraging machine learning and artificial intelligence can help improve efficiencies in any organization. This holds true for the recruiting industry as well.

There is a growing trend in leveraging technology to streamline or automate tasks.  In fact when it comes to recruiting, there is software that applies machine learning to job applications and resumes to help screen candidates. This is but one of the many functions of where artificial intelligence can be used in recruiting.  AI-powered solutions can be applied to every part of the recruiting process.

Three Uses of Artificial Intelligence in Recruiting

Here is a look at some of the ways that AI and machine learning can be leveraged in recruiting efforts.

  1. Auto screening of candidates – Technology can be a wonderful thing. Did you know that you can get software that applies machine learning to resumes that in essence will automatically screen candidates?  The benefits of this technology can help recruiters or your HR team save time by automating the screening of, in some cases, hundreds of resumes for a posted position.  Manual screening of resumes and application is one of the most time-consuming aspects of recruiting, especially when in some cases the majority of resumes or applications received are from people who are not qualified for the position.  Leveraging AI to auto screen applicants can save you valuable time to focus on other HR related tasks.
  2. Recruiting Chatbot’s – As mentioned in this article about chatbots, a chatbot is a computer program that is created to participate in a conversation with people online. Recently, recruiter chatbots are being used to interact with candidates to help automate tasks including asking questions about job requirements and communicating next steps in the interview process.  Look for more of this to happen as recruiting chatbots become more adopted with HR teams across the globe.  Here is an example of Olivia an AI recruiting assistant
Three Uses for Artificial Intelligence in Recruiting

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  1. Preparing of Job Descriptions – there are software programs and AI-powered solutions that can assist you in preparing your job descriptions. Textio for example has expanded their AI to help HR practitioners to create better recruiting messages. Other technologies can use machine learning to review past job descriptions and the AI will help recruiters in writing a perfect job description to attract the top candidates.

So these are three practical uses for artificial intelligence in human resources and staffing.  While AI for recruiting is still in its infancy there are some drawbacks.  Typically AI needs to be “trained” and can require a lot of data to be effective.  Using resume screening as an example, it may take the artificial intelligence a high volume of resumes to learn how to accurately screen resumes.  However, as with most artificial intelligence applications, the real benefit can be seen in improving efficiencies in repetitive tasks and freeing up time for recruiters and HR professionals.

While the use of AI in recruiting efforts is not yet mainstream, it won’t take long for many to test, adapt or leverage these technologies, especially knowing the time savings that can be had.  Freeing up time is something that will allow recruiters to be more efficient and be more proactive with their efforts.  Artificial Intelligence just might create the ‘Super Recruiter’ or at least allow recruiters to focus more on the efforts that will provide the greatest return on investment.  For more information on AI and recruiting check out this guide over at

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