19 Tips for Landing Your Dream Job in 2019

We all go through changes in our lives and as the calendar moves forward and we close the book on another year, some maybe also looking to find new employment.  While never an easy process to go through, looking for work in the Okanagan can provide unique challenges.  In some cases you may feel that you are not employable as you once were.  You’re not alone, many job seekers feel exactly the same way.

You will always have a lot to offer and it is simply a matter of having a plan and the right tools to be successful in your job search.  There are a variety of reasons why it can be so hard to find a job:

  • Employers are being more selective in their candidate search
  • Employers may be hiring from within more frequently
  • The job market continues to change and evolve
  • Employers are looking for candidates who can jump right in and assume a role

We have compiled a list of tips and items to consider to help you in your job search.

19 Tips for Landing Your Dream Job in 2019: Okanagan Edition

1. Revisit your resume – sounds like a good starting point right?  Old, outdated resumes may easily get overlooked.  Employers are looking for resumes that stand out.  Need help with updating your resume?  We can help with our resume services.

2. Tailor your resume for the position that you are applying for – this can help make it stand out from all of the other resumes in the inbox pile.  Having multiple resume variations is not a bad idea (depending on your skillset and the jobs that you are applying for).

3. Ensure that your resume includes a Resume Objective Statement – A resume objective statement is a brief statement that typically appears near the beginning of your resume and communicates how you would benefit the employer.   It’s another way for you to sell yourself to your potential employer.  Learn more about Resume Objective Statements.

4. Make your resume visually appealing – don’t get crazy with it, but ensure that your resume is easy on the eyes.  Check out our additional resumes tips.

5. Identify your skill set – when reviewing job postings, look at the skill requirements.  Does your skillset matchup?  If not, can you upgrade your skills on the job or should you move on to the next job posting?

6. Be Confident – come across as confident from your cover letter and resume to your first interview and through to your last interview.  Let them know that you are the right person for the job.

7. Research the company – check out their web site and social media profiles.  Learn as much as you can about the organization and come prepared to the interview.

8. Be yourself – highlight your strengths but don’t exaggerate them.  Be honest, confident and cheerful in your interviews.

9. Polish your social media and online presence – update your LinkedIn profile and if you have a personal website ensure that it is up-to-date.  Further be sure your social media accounts are also updated so that they paint a positive (and accurate) image of yourself.

10. Apply for the right jobs – that is don’t just apply for positions for the sake of applying.  Apply for positions that you truly want and are excited for.  Again research the company and do a little bit of background digging to get a sense of company values and how current employees like working there.

11. Review the job postings carefully – leverage the online postings.  See if the company posts the same job posting on various job search platforms and websites.  Become familiar with sites like Indeed, Monster.ca or other job aggregators.

12. Tailor your cover letter specifically to the job posting you are applying for – check out our helpful tips in writing a strong cover letter.  As a person seeking work, you really need to sell yourself and differentiate yourself from other candidates.  Your cover letter goes a long way in creating a first impression.  Be specific, concise and relevant with your cover letter.

13. Identify the job that you want (based on your experience and qualifications) – you cannot get your dream job if you are not applying for it.  (See item #10). Keeping in mind that you must be qualified to assume the advertised role.  Apply for the jobs that you are best suited for and if you have multiple offers, take the time to weigh the pros and cons for the best position that makes the most sense for you.

14. Prepare for your interview – seems obvious right?  This goes beyond researching the company.  It also means practicing to answer difficult questions that you may be asked in the interview.  It means looking up the background of the person interviewing you (LinkedIn) to gain a better understanding of what to expect.

15. Ask questions in your interview – after all you are looking for your dream job right?  You want to make sure that this is an environment that you actually want to work in and although you are the candidate, you owe it to yourself to ask them some tough questions as well.  In addition, asking questions in an interview is a great way to show them that you are engaged and interested in the job.

16. Talk to people who work there – if you are fortunate to know someone who works at the organization, take the time to ask them about the company and what they look for in successful candidates.

17. It’s all about timing – sometimes finding your dream job is all about timing.  Applying for a position prior the organization posting a position can sometimes work in your favor.  Also being the first to apply can sometimes bode well for you.  Having a chance meeting with the owner, CEO or hiring manager can also work in your favor.  Being persistent and following up on occasion can also pay off, especially if a candidate that was hired is not working out.  Depending on the industry or type of job and time of year that you apply can have an impact on your success in being the winning candidate.  This can be especially true in the Okanagan where seasonality can play a role in when positions become available.

18. Build Relationships – networking is a great skill.  Especially in the Okanagan, as there are numerous events and opportunities to “put yourself out there”.  Take advantage of this and build relationships with people at companies and organizations that you are looking to join.  Ask questions about the organization, show interest (when the time is right).  If the company conducts career fairs or has an open house, check out these events and work on “selling yourself”.

19. If offered the role/position, take time to consider it – rather than communicating your decision right away, use the time to carefully consider if the offer is right for you.  Weigh your pros and cons and assess whether you are getting what you want from the offer in terms of salary, benefits, and working conditions.  Don’t take too much time, however, after all this is your dream job. If the criteria fits, you will want to accept the offer once you know that you will be challenged and rewarded with adequate compensation and working conditions.

Looking for your dream job in the Okanagan means following some common and expected practices, but also means taking the time to truly identify what that dream job is and how you can contribute to the team.

Need help find employment in the Okanagan? Contact us today to set up a consultation.  Speak with one of our experienced recruiting specialists and begin preparing for your next opportunity today!