Now You Know: The Differences Between Temp and Contract Workers

Jam and jelly. Did you know there’s a difference between the two? It’s a significant difference, in my opinion. It’s one that could determine the true pleasure of your toast eating experience.

Jam is made of crushed fruit. Jelly? Strictly fruit juices – that’s what gives it that smoother, more spreadable texture.

So if you prefer a chunkier fruit mouth feel, you’re going to go for jam. For something a bit more delicate, it’s jelly.  Knowing the difference could really make or break your morning, right?

The same goes for another oft-confused pair of terms: temp and contract workers.  Knowing the difference matters, whether you’re an employer or job seeker.  As a Kelowna temp agency, we hear both parties mix and match those words constantly. And it’s not making it any easier for these people to find the best staffing solution or job opportunity.

Let’s define the two, so you can better define what you need.

Difference #1: The agency aspect

Temporary staffers are hired through temp agencies to fulfill short-term placements. The companies temp staffers work for are considered clients of the temp agency they represent.

Contract workers are hired directly by an organization or business.

Difference #2: The payment process

When it’s payday for temp staffers, they receive a check from their temp agency, not the employer.  That’s the employer’s advantage of working with a temp agency; all the paperwork, including payroll and deductions, is taken care of.

For contract workers, payment is received directly from the employer, typically as a per-project lump sum or fixed rate.

Difference #3: The work

Contract workers are usually sought out by employers to contribute specialized skills to a project or task.  These professionals stay on with the project until their duties are fulfilled.

Temporary staffers, however, run the gamut. They might be hired for a specialized skill set, or to fill a vacant position on short notice.  There are a number of opportunities for temp staffers, whether they’re seeking a position that could eventually lead into a permanent role, or require work while in career transition.

Difference #4: The security

Temporary staffers and contract workers both benefit from job flexibility, networking opportunities, diverse work experience, and the chance to strengthen and develop professional assets.  But there’s just one little difference, and that’s job security.

It’s up to the independent contract worker to find and establish contracts in order to get paid. Temporary staffers, on the other hand, have the assistance of an agency to set them up with work, pay them for that work, and keep them in the loop for upcoming opportunities.

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Temping & Contract Work: Two Different Ways To Be Employed

 Whether you’re an employer or a job seeker, knowing the difference between temp staffers and contract workers could affect your future professional success.  Know what you need, and go after it – Aspire Recruitment Solutions can help!

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