Employers: 6 Tips For A Profitable And FUN Summer In The Okanagan

Let’s be honest: it can be pretty tough to stay focused at work when the Kelowna sun is beaming warm and bright outside your window. Add the tantalizing scent of barbecue and tanning oil wafting through the door, and you’ve got a recipe for summertime distraction.

But wait, the kids are out of school, and your friends are posting pictures of lazy afternoons on the boat.  Now you’re distracted and grumpy – how are you going to get anything done?

Start with our tips for having a profitable and fun summer in the Okanagan. Believe us- you really can have it all!

1.    Plan to relax.

Breaks are good. Your staff and you deserve a rest during the summer. So plan for it!

Now is a great time to start the conversation with your team about their preferred days off, and to coordinate the schedule to suit your needs, too. From there, you can assess whether a temporary staffing solution is necessary to support the demands of the company while permanent members are away.

Prioritizing the team’s holidays will keep morale high throughout the season, and give everyone the opportunity to re-energize.

2.    Get some sun during meetings.

Skip the boardroom and bring your staff outside. Whether it’s a parking lot or a lawn, the breath of fresh air will shake up the day and relieve everyone’s craving for a suntan.

 3.    Arrange appointments for the patio.

The Okanagan is brimming with spectacular patio spots – why not take advantage this summer by scheduling client meetings outside the office?

Here are a few recommendations for business-meeting-appropriate patios in Kelowna:

Cabana Bar & Grille

Hotel Eldorado Dining Room

Joey Kelowna 

Terrace Restaurant

Bonfire Restaurant at the Cove

4.    Be adventurous (with social media marketing).

If the summer is your company’s slow season, create a productive and fun task to help fill your day – social media marketing.

Choose a new platform and experiment with its features to see how it can work for your business. Test out different kinds of posts – pictures, funny memes, special offers, for example – and monitor what sticks. In September, you can assess whether it’s worth continuing.

5.    Take a staycation!

The stay-at-home-vacation, or “staycation”, is a truly glorious holiday option when you live in the Okanagan.   It’s an affordable, time-efficient way to enjoy a break from the daily grind.

From Armstrong to Osoyoos, there are plenty of diverse areas to explore.

6.    Expect to maintain your output

As an employer, you know the summer season is no excuse to let your staff slack off. So before you throw your hands up in defeat and order a mai tai, take these tips into consideration. Think about your workforce needs, and the solutions temporary staffing agencies can provide to make life easier for you.

Whether it’s a busy or slow time of year for your business, how you utilize your summer season could give you an edge on the competition.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and make the most of your Okanagan summer!

Image courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons user Jeffery Simpson. View image and license here.