The Busy Employer’s Guide To Choosing A Temp Agency

Busy employer

Shopping around for a temp agency?

Yeah, right. You’re too busy to take lunch away from your desk, let alone track down and hire a temp agency!

Good news: we’ve got a guide for making it much easier to connect with the right agency for your staffing needs. And once you’ve done that, use our blog resources for efficient, effective temp staffing, including:

Before you get started:

Nobody likes to waste time, especially when time is scarce. So before you make the decision to work with a temp agency, think about what you really need to get through the next chaotic season or project.

For instance, are you looking for a niche talent or skill set? Can you look down the road a couple years to see today’s staffing challenges requiring more in-depth solutions?  And what about your workplace processes overall – could these benefit from being streamlined to maximize employee resources?

Reaching out to the right staffing solution provider – be it a recruiter, temp agency, or both (some agencies, such as Aspire Recruitment Solutions, do both!) is key to keeping your loaded schedule on track.

Questions to ask a temp agency:

Get a quick and powerful assessment of the viability of a temp agency by asking these questions:

  • What’s your process for finding hires to suit my needs?

Go with a temp agency that incorporates face-to-face time with your company (ex: a tour of your workplace and/or an in-person conversation with you and your management team). This ‘hands-on approach’ gives temp agencies a richer understanding of your business culture. The more nuances and details your temp agency has about your workplace, the more likely they are to provide you with the best staffing solution for your needs.

  • What’s your specialty?

No two temp agencies are created equal. Some offer a range of temporary staffing solutions, while others hone in on a specific industry or application. That’s why it’s so important to ensure your temp agency is experienced in your field.

At Aspire Recruitment Solutions, our specialty is diverse expertise – we offer Kelowna temp staffing for customer service industries, information technology, general labour and more.

  • What happens if the temp staffers you provide don’t work out?

Your temp agency should take stand by a satisfaction policy – for instance, at Aspire, we take responsibility to ensure our clients have their staffing needs met. If a temp staffer resigns or does not meet client expectations within the probationary period, we work quickly to provide a replacement at no additional cost.

Your Kelowna temp agency should save you time and money

Temp hiring shouldn’t be a hassle – it should be a step towards higher profits and productivity. When you’re working with the right temp agency for your needs, you’re on the fast track to results. And with our guide, even the busiest of employers can make it happen for their business. Why not get started today?

Contact Stacey at Aspire Recruitment Solutions to learn more about our temporary staffing services!


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