Kelowna Staffing Agencies Tip: Start Your Search For Summer Workers

Here’s a wake up call: spring has arrived and your people are planning things.

What kind of things? Summer things. Fun-in-the-sun things like Canada Day long weekend trips to Mable Lake. Family things, like reunions and weddings (perfect excuses for a road trip). Rest and relaxation things, even ‘stay-vacations’ on the radiant beaches of Kelowna.

As an employer, these are things you need to think about. How do you plan to meet the demands of your business while staff members are away?

“We’ll manage,” you say.

Offloading responsibilities to your remaining team members is always an option. Also, waiting for your sun-kissed staff to return from summer break to ‘catch up’ on everything they missed is totally, completely feasible.

But I’m not sure either move is going to maintain your bottom line (or staff well-being) in the end. With staffing agencies making it so easy and cost-effective to bring on seasonal workers, why take the risk?

In February we told you that it was the perfect time to start looking for student summer workers. But I’m here to say that you haven’t missed the boat  – and not just for students –when you’re teamed up with an awesome staffing agency.

And you don’t have to settle for “just OK” temporary workers.  Begin the recruiting process now. By summer, you’ll be ready to rock.  Here’s how to get started:

Start a dialogue with your staffing agency

Discuss a rough dollar-per-hour range that works for your seasonal budget. This will help your staffing agency deliver the right solution without adding pressure to your resources.  If you’re not sure where to start, ask questions and get insight from your staffing agency to develop a sensible range.

Bring the staffing agency into your office to help them get a sense of the culture, work processes and overarching social environment.  These are important elements for a staffing agency to use to determine a good temporary fit for your business.

Refine your job description

Get into specifics; concise outlines of job duties, details about desired experience, the perks and workplace culture, necessary qualifications.  Extremely clear job descriptions help filter out the imperfect matches and make it easier for staffing agencies to narrow their search.

Leave time to train well

Even if your new temporary workers are stacked with qualifications, you still want to give them adequate time to adapt to the pace of your operations.  From both safety (if they’re operating machinery and/or are on their feet all day), and productivity perspectives, it just makes sense.

Free up some time for you

Your people are planning things for summer, so why shouldn’t you? Temporary workers are just the resources you need to exceed your seasonal demands.  Discover some time for things you want to do!

To learn about your options for temporary summer help, contact Stacey at Aspire Recruitment Solutions.