You Can Have Happy Temp Workers Who Really Get Stuff Done – Really!

Do you want to increase profits this summer without overloading your busy staff?

Are you interested in hiring temp workers, but aren’t sure if it’s worth the “hassle”?

Forget the urban legends about resentful, careless casual hires. Temporary workers are often the secret weapons in maintaining a business’s competitive edge.  Happy, productive temp employees can make stuff happen for your business, too – you just need to know how to find them, and how to make the most of their talents. Here’s how:

Describe Exactly What You Need

We’ve said it before – the more detailed your job description is, the more likely you are to attract qualified, productive employees.  Work with your Kelowna temp agency to hone your job description for optimum specificity of skills required, experience necessary, and background essentials.

Also, take this opportunity to outline exactly what you expect your temp worker to accomplish while on contract. This weeds out under-qualified candidates and defines how the temp worker’s contributions align with the success of the company.  Something as simple as a job description can create a sense of value and meaning for the temp hires you bring on.

Any Chance Your Temp Could Become Permanent? Make It Known

Tell your temp agency, tell your candidates, make it known in your job description – any chance of permanent employment for a temp worker must be outlined from the get-go.  Here’s why: it could be a game-changer for prospective candidates.

If you want your temp worker to eventually transition into a permanent role, you want to attract candidates who are eager and prepared to take it on. You can’t afford to waste time with candidates not keen to take advantage of the offer.  And it works the other way – if there isn’t a full-time position available, you don’t want to give your temp worker false hope.

Bottom line: be transparent about your expectations, and everyone wins.

Keep Your Permanent Staff In The Loop…

With a busy season looming ahead, it would give your full-time team an enormous amount of relief to know help is on the way. Additionally, keeping permanent employees in the loop about hiring temp workers prepares them to welcome the new additions and integrate them into daily operations from Day 1.

…And Make Them Partners in Temp Success

Pair your temp employees up with relevant full-time staff members  – the people they’ll be working with every day – to accelerate rapport, productivity and integration into daily operations.

This is also a great way to make temp workers feel like valued members of your team. No matter how short or long the temp contract, do your best to ensure the person walks away from the experience with nothing but good things to say about your business.

Touch Base On The Regular

Check in on your temp staffers a couple of times a day during the first few days or weeks of their contract. This gives them opportunity to ask questions, and you the chance to provide feedback. It’s also handy for maintaining a sense of direction as per the projects or specific tasks assigned to your temps.

Make It Easy With A Kelowna Temp Agency

Working with a Kelowna temp agency is a practical and efficient option to ensure your temporary employees fulfill your business needs.

Whether it’s a spike in workload, a seasonal push or a much-needed skill set, your temp staffing requirements are addressed with expert attention to detail, such as budget, workplace culture and project timelines.

Make your next busy season your most profitable yet. Contact Stacey at Aspire Recruitment Solutions today to learn more about our temp staffing solutions!


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