5 Staffing Services Myths, Debunked [For Job Seekers]

Did you make any resolutions for 2014?If you’re job-hunting, finding the right work opportunities is probably top of mind.

So how are you going to nab the job you want? Sure, you’ll send out resumes. Attend networking events. Maybe you’ll research potential employers online. But have you considered reaching out to a recruitment agency?

If you’re hesitant to try staffing services, you’re not alone. There are a number of myths and misconceptions about staffing services that hold people back from quickly and effectively connecting with the jobs they really want.  We think it’s time to clear the air.

Here are 5 of the most commonly heard myths, debunked:

1.     “Staffing services are only for people who want temporary work.”

There’s no question staffing agencies can make it very easy to connect with temp jobs. But the career opportunities don’t stop there, despite what you might have heard.  From casual labour to full-time, long-term management positions, you can find what you’re looking for in a job with the help of staffing agency.

But while we’re on the topic of temporary work, let’s talk about how many people take on short-term positions in order to gain industry experience, build their presence within a desirable company, or transition to full-time employment.  The benefits of temp work go beyond the paycheck.

2.    “All I have to do to get work through a staffing services agency is submit my resume.”

If only the process was just that magical!

Submitting a resume is not the first or only step in the process. Successful candidates are actively engaged in their job search from the start. They typically assess their resources (references, social media profiles, past experience), before reaching out to recruiters and potential employers for desired positions.

Beyond the initial application, candidates at Aspire Hiring must be prepared for background checks, formal interviews, and computer skills testing (when necessary).  Recruiters want to ensure they can offer the best fit for every client; it doesn’t happen without ongoing participation from candidates.

Fortunately, most recruiters provide tons of support and resources for making the process as stress-free and rewarding as possible, such as with job-seeking tips and how-to’s, interview coaching, and career counseling.  Works almost like magic!

3.     “Social media has killed staffing services.”

Au contraire – social media has enhanced staffing services. As Time contributor Dan Schwabel notes in his article “How Recruiters Use Social Media to Make Hiring Decisions Now”, a recent Jobvite survey found that 73% of recruiters check out the social media profiles of candidates, even when profiles are not supplied by the applicant.  Social media is a tool, a resource, to help recruiters find and match the right candidates for great companies.

That’s why many recruiters use social media throughout the hiring process, from finding potential candidates on platforms such as LinkedIn, to scoping out Facebook profiles to determine if a candidate is the right cultural fit for a specific company.

And that’s why it’s so important to maintain a positive social media presence. Whether you like it or not, social media is integral to the career landscape for just about every industry. Discover how to prepare your social media profiles for employers today.

4.    “Job seekers must pay to use staffing services.”   

Simply no. Not true.

Staffing services are free to job seekers. There are no sign-up fees or “cuts” taken from wages earned through an agency.

That’s because recruiters work for employers, not job seekers. They are paid to fulfill positions for the companies that hire them, typically on a salary percentage-based commission.

And that’s why recruiters invest so much time and effort in finding the best candidates for their clients – it’s their job!

5.    “The jobs available through staffing agencies are all entry-level and/or administrative.”

Like snowflakes and lottery tickets, no two staffing agencies are the same. Specialties range from industry type to geographic location, experience level or some combination of the three.  And yes, some do offer concentrations in administrative and/or entry-level positions. But that’s just the tip of the staffing services iceberg.

For instance, Aspire Recruitment Solutions specializes in expert recruitment services across several industries, including accounting, sales, customer service, marketing, information technology, and industrial labour. Positions within these fields also range from entry-level to executive, offering our clients tons of recruitment flexibility.  To learn how Aspire Recruitment Solutions can help you find meaningful work in your industry, click here.

Are you job-hunting in Kelowna?

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Translation? No matter how the Canadian employment climate ebbs and flows, January is always a great time to put your career plan in action.  It’s about that new year, fresh start feeling. Take the first step with a conversation with a recruitment specialist in Kelowna.  Get in touch with Stacey at Aspire Hiring today.

Now it’s your turn

Misconceptions, urban legends, myths and tall tales – when it comes to staffing services, we’re pretty sure we’ve heard them all! If you’ve got one for us to debunk or clarify, share in the comment section below!