5 Positive Affirmations For A Rewarding Temp Work Experience

Positive affirmations for temp work experiences

Photo credit: Flickr user Rusty Blazenhoff ( http://www.flickr.com/photos/blazenhoff/)

Have you ever been “the new kid” in class?

It’s an experience that sticks with people.  There are curious stares from other students, and awkward lunch hours alone. Being “the new kid” is challenging at first, but it never lasts long.  Friends are made, lunches become fun, and eventually, a new “new kid” arrives on the scene.

But when you take on temporary work, being “the new kid” can feel like part of the job. Other negative emotions can get mixed in there, too: career confusion, lack of confidence, frustration.

And yet, temporary work placements are ripe with potential for rewarding experiences. When you have a positive attitude, it’s easy to see the benefits of temp work, including:

-Potential to transition to a permanent position.

-Schedule flexibility

-Opportunities to explore several career avenues

-New skill acquisitions

-Increased exposure and experience in your chosen field

-Networking opportunities

The benefits of temporary work are real. You just have to believe them for yourself.

As the late Keith Harrell once said:

One of the most important steps you can take towards achieving your greatest potential in life is to learn to monitor your attitude and its impact on your work performance, relationships, and everyone around you.”

But we’ve all experienced the challenges of monitoring our attitude. It’s easier said than done.  That’s where affirmations become a powerful tool.

Affirmations, repeated several times a day, train your subconscious in the art of positive thinking.  With enough practice, feeling positive about your work will feel effortless.

Here are 5 positive affirmations to help you make the most of your temp work experience:

1.    “My contributions to this company are valuable.”

Companies hire temporary staff when help is needed most. These key players relieve heavy workloads and provide support during busy seasons, making them valuable to employers and colleagues alike.

Every day of work in a temporary position is meaningful, because there are duties fulfilled and tasks completed; duties and tasks that might otherwise go neglected.

So take pride in your next temporary work placement as a contributing member of a company that is very, very thankful to have you there.

2.    “When I show my passion, people notice.”

Play up the “new kid at school” status in your temporary positions. All eyes are on you, so give colleagues, managers, and customers a glimpse of you at your best, engaged in your work and bringing energy and passion to every task.

They’ll notice. They’ll talk. And if the timing is right, your vibrant attitude could be the key to landing an offer for a permanent position.

3.    “I’m on top of my game here.”

When you register with Aspire Recruitment Solutions for temporary work, you can count on employer matches custom fit to your skill set and professional experience.  You know your stuff; temporary positions with Aspire give you the opportunity to stay sharp.

4.    “It feels great to be productive.”

Let’s face it: the job search process has its emotional slumps. The time spent between jobs can drag on, and leave you feeling broke and unproductive.

Temp work gives you a daily purpose with definable outcomes, including a paycheck and some peace of mind.

And as career transition specialist Karry Hannon says, “When you’re making money, the truth is you feel better about yourself.”

5.    “My position is helping me decide whether this industry is right for me.”

Taking on temporary positions gives you a behind-the-scenes look at the careers you may aspire to. It’s your sample-sized opportunity to assess whether a certain field or position is right for you.  And so while you’re getting paid, you’re also getting invaluable insight into a range of industries, and possibly picking up new skills along the way.

Hannon would agree:

“I always tell people who ask my advice on changing careers – do the job first  – moonlight, apprentice, volunteer. If you can get paid for a temporary gig, go for it. It’s the only way you’ll know if the new career is all you dreamed it to be.”

You’ll never know until you try.

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