10 Easy & Affordable Ways To Promote Workplace Wellness

What makes your business stand out from the rest?

From product quality to customer relations, it’s all about your employees.  Their talents collectively influence how others experience and perceive your brand.  They make your business unique.

And that’s why their health and wellness matters.  Fostering a healthy work environment can improve employee productivity, reduce employer healthcare costs, and boost morale in the workplace.  And you don’t need to invest in an expensive workplace wellness program to get started.

Here are 10 simple, affordable ways to promote a healthier and more productive workplace:

1.    Walking meetings

Get your employees on their feet for the next small group or one-on-one meeting.  Outside or inside, a couple laps around the office does the body and brain all kinds of good.

2.    Fresh fruit Fridays

“A gesture as small as providing fresh fruit once a week can be a very simple way to show employees that their health is important to the company,” says Inc.com contributor Lauren Lastowka.  Think Casual Friday, but more delicious.

3.    Flexible scheduling

Offer working hour flexibility to allow employees to pursue physical activity opportunities.  This could be one of the most important steps you take towards preventing employee burnout.

4.    Team challenges

Give lunch hour a competitive edge – start a walking competition. Here’s how it works:

Divide employees up into teams, and give each employee a pedometer to keep track of their daily steps. Every week, the teams add their collective steps, and the winning team receives a prize.

It’s a simple and fun way to boost employee camaraderie and physical wellness!

5.    Healthy catered meals

What’s your go-to for lunches and snacks during meetings? If it’s pizza or Chinese takeout, it’s a step backwards for workplace wellness.

Bring in fruit and veggie platters, sandwiches, or healthy fare from a local catering company for your next employee gathering or meeting.

6.    Not-smoke-breaks

A few short “breathers” during the day goes a long way to help employees reduce stress and maintain mental clarity. Encourage and trust your staff to use this time to recharge.

7.    Water stations

The health benefits of water are plenty – promote this valuable resource by providing fresh, clean water and reusable cups in the staff room or at stations around the office.

8.    Lunch hour power

Bring in a fitness instructor for lunch hour sessions once a week.  Request student instructors to keep costs low. Switch it up with yoga, Pilates, tai chi, aerobics – whatever works for your office environment.  Invite employees to make requests for upcoming classes. Who knows -you might uncover hidden salsa dancing talent amongst your staff!

9.    Workout discounts

Reach out to gym facilities or exercise clubs near your office to negotiate a corporate discount for your employees, or join a business organization that offers recreational subsidizations for its members.

 10.  A leader in wellness

Take advantage of the gym discount, fresh fruit, and walking club initiatives for yourself. Without saying a word, you can promote wellness in your office – simply lead by example.

Your staff will notice the change, and so will others.  You can maintain and grow a happy, healthy business– the kind of workplace that attracts top talent.




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