What Are the Jobs of the Future for Canadians?

What Are the Jobs of the Future for Canadians?

As a child, many of us have aspirations as to what we want to be when we grow up.  And while not all of us can be professional athletes, singers or TV personalities, there has always been a number of popular career choices available.  Factor in the digital age and the ever changing possibilities of technology and we are seeing new careers emerge unlike ever before.

Each year college and university graduates complete their studies and are faced with the question of what they want to do with their lives.  Fact is, many graduating students now go on to have multiple, different careers over the course of their lives.  Even more surprising is the fact that many graduating students tend to be overqualified for their first jobs as referenced by this study.  A net result of this is lower levels of job satisfaction which can lead to increased turnover rates for employers.

“Love what you do and you’ll never have to work a day in your life!” Ever heard that saying?  While it may be true in theory, when selecting a career path, there are a number of factors that come into play:

  • Ability to find a job
  • Ability to leverage newly acquired skills
  • Ability to contribute to the bottom-line
  • Earning potential
  • Ability to grow and progress in a career path

So then if you are looking at a career choice or a change in careers, how do you know what is right for you?  Based on your experience, skillset, passion and what’s available here are some up and coming careers that Canadians might want to consider.

Jobs of the Future in Canada

Monster.ca released a list of what some of the top careers in Canada are going to be in the near future, while we have added a couple to this list, the list poses a diverse catalog of potential career options.

Top Jobs of the Future for Canadians

  1. Teachers – Due to a shifting trend in people being less interested in becoming teachers than ever before, many areas are currently struggling to find enough educators for the number of students.
  2. Registered Nurse – for whatever reason, nursing programs across Canada have seen lower enrollments in recent years. With an existing high demand for nurses, the demand for nurses will continue for many years.  Most of the provinces across the country should see strong growth in the area of nursing but demand remains high.
  3. Data Analysts – technology has made access to data easier than ever before. As a result, careers as data analysts or in Business Intelligence (BI) have become more in demand.
  4. Information Security Analysts – with increasing amounts of data out there, there are people needed to protect the data. The job of a security analyst is working with companies to ensure that their networks and systems are secure.
  5. Construction Manager – Based on a current boom in construction there is a demand for this type of career now. That may not always be the case if/when the construction boom slows down.
  6. Marketing Managers – careers in business will always be in some demand. In the digital age, marketing managers have had to reinvent themselves a little to help market their company’s efforts through new channels in addition to traditional marketing channels.  According to Monster.ca there will be more demand in the Eastern part of the country for jobs in this area.
  7. Software developers – IT (Information Technology) are the jobs highest in demand. If you have the skills to research, design, develop and test phases of software you should have no problem in finding a job in the future.
  8. Market Research Analysts – Analytics and statistics is becoming an industry unto itself. Again with the Digital Age comes data and lots of it.  Competitive intelligence is at a premium.  If you love numbers, trends and analyzing cause and effect a career as a market research analysts may be in store for you.
  9. Lawyer – another area that has seen a sharp decline in enrollment since 2010. There will continue to be a demand for lawyers across the country especially with specific types of practices such as family law, employment law and corporate law.  While the schooling may be a little longer, you should have no issues getting a job in this field.
  10. Trades – many of the workers in the trades industry are of an older variety and the need for the next generation of plumbers, electricians and such has created a bit of a demand for a lessening supply. Trades positions across the country will continue to be in demand and being able to specialize means that you should be able to find a job even in more competitive markets. Of the in-demand industry in Canada, skilled trades workers are arguably the most sought after by employers.

Resource: The highest paying in-demand jobs in Canada for 2017.

Of course the job market does change, but for the foreseeable future the careers listed here are probably safe bets for the next few years.

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