The Smart Way To Save Money With Temporary Staffing Services

The dreaded project deadline looms. The busy summer season approaches. The invaluable employee prepares for maternity leave. Pick your scenario; at work when there are big changes afoot, you know what happens next.

It’s time to call a temporary staffing agency. Cue dramatic music: Duh duh duuuh!

Hey, lighten up! By the time you get to the end of this blog post, you should have a fresh perspective on this thing called temporary staffing. That’s because we’re about to reveal how temporary staffing agencies really save you money – when you’re doing it the smart way, that is.

By now, you probably know the obvious ways temporary staffing agencies save businesses money:

  • Cost and time associated with recruiting, screening and hiring.
  • Advertising costs – no more classified ad bills.
  • Overtime costs – temporary staff reduce production strain on permanent employees.

These are some of the undeniable advantages of working with temporary staffing agencies. But there’s a way to bring cost savings to the next level. And it starts way, way back with that first phone conversation with the agency specialist.

Let me explain…

Smart temp hiring: know what you want.

Why do temporary hires sometimes not work out? Why do some employers avoid temporary hiring altogether?

If you’re working with an experienced, reputable agency, the hire’s competency usually isn’t the issue. Instead, ineffective, costly temp hires are often a result of a lack of expectations for the position.

A productive temp hire is qualified for the position, and knows what his or her duties and expectations are in that role.  There are no mysteries. There are no first day “surprises”.  From Day 1, the stage for efficiency is set.  The temp hire can get to work, confidently, saving your permanent staff time and your business, money.

You can make this happen for your business. You just need to know what you want from your temp hires.  What duties will be fulfilled? What targets to you need to make? How do you envision the temp staffer as part of your overall team? What are the necessary qualifications for getting the job done?

Knowing exactly what you want makes it easier to get exactly what you want.

Relax; your temporary staffing agency is there to help you.

You should work with a temporary staffing specialist who wants to know all about your business, work culture, and specific staffing needs.

Translation: prepare to get grilled (in the nicest way possible!)

The more the agency knows about your hiring needs, the better equipped their specialists will be to find you the best fit. So open up the communication floodgates and get chatting.

Within the conversation, you and your specialist should be able to nail down the qualifications, skill sets, and behavioural preferences you require for your temp hire. After the position has been finalized, you can leave it to your staffing agency to handle the recruitment and screening phases of temp hiring.

Saving money with temporary staffing – now that’s smart!

If you’re looking for temporary staffing solutions in Kelowna and the greater Okanagan region, you’ve come to the right place. Contact Aspire Recruitment Solutions today to learn more about your options for effective, cost-saving temp staffing!

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