Temporary Staffing Solutions: Hire a College Student

Kelowna is a fun place to be in the summer.  The weather is beautiful, the beaches of Okanagan Lake are packed and the Okanagan is just a great place to be.  That’s is not always true for summer students however.  Each year many college and university students return to the Okanagan after a grueling year of studies coming home to find work in between semesters.  Typically in April and May when college and university students finish their studies they will often be looking for work for three to four months.

This is a great opportunity for employers who have temporary staffing needs.  Hiring a college or university student can help fill these needs as students are often great candidates for short term employment or internships.

About internships

So you may ask, what is an Intern?  An intern is a student or trainee who works, sometimes without pay, at an occupation or a trade in order to gain work experience.  Interns can be in the form of a summer student or temporary worker.

Depending on the industry, providing an internship may be one way to help train students or novices in the field.  In this day and age however, gaining hands on experience is one thing but the idea of working for free can be challenging for some students.  When it comes to interns, the benefits of internship can vary by location.  For example in California, unpaid interns must receive college credit for their work.  So while they may not collect a pay cheque, they are receiving credit.  Students should evaluate their options when it comes to accepting a possible internship.

From an employer’s perspective, students can be a great resource and provide relief to some of your temporary staffing needs.   There are a number of benefits in hiring a college or university student as a temporary worker.

  1. Logistics – typically a college or university student is only looking to work until they return to school for the fall or winter semester. That means that if you are an organization that has a couple of months of work that you need assistance with, hiring a student as a temp worker may be the perfect fit.
  2. Motivation – competition for jobs in the summer in the Okanagan can be fierce. College students are usually more proactive in their job search and can make themselves available upon finishing their semester.  More often than not, college and university students are eager to hit the workforce and begin earning money for their next school year.
  3. Cost Savings – depending on your industry, hiring a college or university student as a temp worker can save you money as you may not have to pay benefits, and overall compensation is less than having to hire a permanent full-time employee.
  4. Students are eager to learn – even students that are in the third or fourth year of their studies are still going through the career search process. As a result they are looking to gain valuable experience to help with their career selections.  Hiring a student as a temp worker can provide valuable experience to the student and if things work out well and there is a good fit, an intern or summer student may come back to become a full time permanent part of your team.  As an example, maybe you are in the financial or accounting field, quite often interns will accept junior positions upon graduation from college or university.

At Aspire Recruitment Solutions we offer temporary staffing solutions to help you when you need it the most.   Additional benefits of using a recruiting agency such as Aspire include:

  • No long term commitment from you
  • Fill a specific need thus freeing up other workers to focus on their work
  • No need to pay extended health care or other benefits
  • We do all the paperwork, including payroll and deductions

We make it easy for you!  It is that time of year when college and university students are looking for summer employment in the Okanagan.  Why not be proactive and have us help you with your temp staffing needs and place a university student with your company?

For more information on temporary placements, please contact us at 778-484-0161.