Students: Temporary Work Rules If You Crave More Summer Fun

Remember when you were in grade school and the summertime marked a season of complete, indulgent freedom? Hours and hours consumed with hanging out with friends, swimming in the lake and soaking up lazy time away from homework. How thrilling it felt on that last day of class in June, as you tossed out your notebooks and made plans for sleepovers. Oh, the possibilities! 

As a post-secondary student, you might look upon that last day of class with a lurking sense of dread: here we go, back to the real world. Instead of spending days holed up in the library, you know it’s time to get to work. You know, the cash-earning kind of work. September and its crippling tuition fees are right around the corner. 

Unfortunately, summertime has this awfully delicious way of tempting us to avoid work, giving us barbecues, music festivals, outdoor parties and camping trips to attend. The struggle of work versus play is real. And that goes for just about everybody, including the permanently employed and individuals between jobs. 

So what’s a summer lover to do? 

We say, do both. Take on temporary work. Don’t sell your ticket to Squamish Music Festival. 

Temporary staffing is a non-permanent work situation where the staff member is given a limited period of time in a position. These opportunities range from single day gigs to multiple-month contracts. Other terms for temporary staffing include seasonal, casual and interim.  Temporary work is an ideal solution for individuals between jobs, people who are interested in exploring new career paths, and of course, students. 

The right temporary staffing opportunity for you would provide:

  1. A fixed term of employment which allows you the freedom to plan out your fun plans for summer.
  2. An opportunity in a new or challenging field where you can learn and nurture valuable work skills.
  3. A bright new line on your resume and a new story to tell future employers.
  4. Career momentum. No idling on your LinkedIn profile. 
  5. Cash in your pocket for tuition savings… or maybe a new pair of sunnies. 

How to Make Finding Temporary Work Easy

If you want to make the most of temporary staffing this summer, earning cash while still having time to relax and do things you love, you’re going to want to work with a temporary staffing agency. 

When you work with a temporary staffing agency, you get to set your availability dates and receive notifications of opportunities you won’t find typically find on online job search hubs. All the details are taken care of: you get paid via direct deposit for your hours, and your resume is submitted to employers on your behalf. 

Yes, you can have it all. Make memories with friends and family, say yes to new adventures, and take home a bit of savings for the next school term. Hello, Summer 2015! 

Submit your resume to Aspire Recruitment Solutions today. One of our People Specialists will follow up with a phone call to arrange an in-person interview. Get tips for acing your interview, and more information about how temporary staffing works. We look forward to hearing from you!

Photo by Brooklyn Morgan for Unsplash