The Do’s and Don’ts of Life Between Jobs

If you are unemployed, join the club. There are over 1.3 million workers in Canada without a job. And just this past April, Canada lost another two thousand jobs, which represents the biggest drop in eight months. So if you are unemployed, here’s news: you are not alone.

Life between jobs, whether you were laid off your past position, or left due to a bad situation, does not have to be coloured by anxiety, fear and exhaustion. Life between jobs presents an opportunity, a brilliant chance to improve yourself and prepare for the next big step.

You are not alone. Resources including temporary staffing agencies are here to help bridge the gap ( we’ll get into that more later) and assist with the career decision-making process. Our list of do’s and don’ts for life between jobs was created to empower you to maintain great health, optimism and financial stability during your time of transition.

This is an exciting time! Let’s get started.

Do take a couple days to relax. Upon exit of your previous position, it’s OK to chill out momentarily. This is your time to reflect, recharge and regain your focus on the task ahead.

Don’t relax your way into an extended vacation. Too much time in your bathrobe is demotivating. And it’s difficult to say how much productive job hunting you can do while you’re in party mode. Get up in the morning and put on clothes you can wear in public. You’ve got work to do.

Do treat the job hunt like it’s your job. Follow a scheduled work routine and engage those hours with networking, job board posting, resume-updating and interviewing with staffing agencies. Then clock out on time to enjoy socialization, exercise, food and sleep.

Don’t be embarrassed to tell your network you’re hunting. As contributor Jayson Demers says, “Employers are looking for people they know and trust, and are increasingly relying on personal recommendation from colleagues and employees.” Get the word out there. Nobody needs to know why you left, but they do need to know what you intend to do next. Sarah McCord at The Muse has some great tips for facing the question,“What do you do?”

Do take on temporary work. Temporary staffing agencies provide qualified workers between jobs with short term employment opportunities. Get involved with a staffing agency to open new doors to positions in your field and other industries you might be interested in exploring. Gain work experience and pay the bills whilst in transition. You could get a recommendation or lead into a permanent position.

Don’t settle for a ‘just ok’ resume. “Take some time to perfect your resume, CV or portfolio to adequately showcase your skills, education and experience,” says Demers. You can get resume services from Aspire Recruitment Solutions to help you from wherever you’re at, whether you need to start from scratch or just get a bit of advice for putting your best self on paper.

Don’t forget you’re awesome. Just about everyone will experience a period of joblessness in their work-age lifetimes. Don’t beat yourself down for where you are. Remember your strengths as a person and employee. Do take the time to celebrate your individuality, dedication and personal journey.

Temporary staffing is a do!

And do, do, do, do get in touch with Aspire Recruitment Solutions if you need a helping hand landing a temporary placement, sprucing up your resume, or honing your interview skills. We are here to show you are not alone!

Photo credit: Garrett Carroll for Unsplash.