What Employees are Looking for in 2019

Well it’s early 2019 and the ski hills of the Okanagan are packed and winter is finally trying to appear in various parts of Canada.  As an employer, you are most likely looking to map out what 2019 looks for your company and, from a staffing perspective, you’ve most likely looked at forecasts to determine what your staffing needs for the year will be.

Depending on your industry you may even be navigating through a labour shortage and are thinking about ways to add to your team but also are looking at how to keep your existing employees engaged and satisfied.  As we mentioned in a previous article, employee retention should be a key part of your HR plan, because skilled talent is hard to find and it can be challenging to retain. Having the ability to improve employee retention can mean great cost savings for your company.  So then in order to improve retention and reduce employee turnover, what are some of the things that employees are looking for in 2019?

What’s Important to Employees in 2019?

Here are some things to consider that are important to employees in their careers:

  1. More Career Growth – this is especially important for younger employees. Quite often management does not always understand how to motivate younger employees.  Failure to satisfy your up and coming talent could mean that they get head hunted and leave for other companies.  Develop career plans for your staff and provide opportunities for career growth.
  2. Job Security – are you the type of organization that has annual layoffs? Is your organization known for letting people go on a regular basis?  If you want to retain your employees, especially your key staffers, you might want to consider improving the morale of your company by limiting the amount of layoffs that you have.  Economics aside, layoffs create lower satisfaction levels and lower levels of employee dedication and commitment.  No one wants to step into a role when they might be not needed or let go in six months.  Providing job security will always be sought after by employees.
  3. Compensation – again economics aside, to attract top talent, you need to pay them adequately. Too small of a salary and you will see a lot of turnover, too high of a salary may not make up for lack of experience or a poor work environment.  Know your industry standards and pay your staff adequately.  If you can afford to, consider going a bit above average.  After all your people can be the lifeblood of the success of your business.
  4. Provide a positive and safe work environment – people also want flexibility so having a work from home policy or flexible work schedule is something to consider. At the very least provide a work environment with positive ambiance and safe working conditions, an adequate lunch room and perhaps even a little games room.  Make it fun to come to the office.
  5. Respect – every human being looks for respect. Whether it is personally or professionally, one of the greatest things you can give back to your employees is respect.  Respect them for what they bring to your organization, respect them for what they do for your customers and respect them for how they evangelize your brand.  After all you are all part of the same team.  Earn respect, give respect.

What else are employees looking for in 2019?

  • Employees want to be challenged
  • More flexible work options
  • Improved health and well-being (physically and emotionally)
  • Clear direction and clear expectations

For additional insight check out this article from Forbes on What Employees Really Want At Work.

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