Recruitment FAQs: Learn more about the Recruiting Process

We are often asked about recruitment strategies and what the recruitment process should look like.  Well the process can vary depending on the industry or nature of the business but the concept of recruitment is something that has been around for decades.  In fact while recruiting was originally associated with enlisting in an organization such as the army or the navy, recruitment as it pertains to an organization’s staffing practice is about finding the right candidate for a given position.  Recruiting can be a lengthily process but it doesn’t have to be.  Establishing a solid recruiting process can help ensure that you efficiently hire the right candidate when required.

Here is a look at some of the more common questions we get about recruitment.

Recruitment FAQs

What is recruitment?

Recruitment Definition:   Recruitment is the process of finding and selecting the top candidate for a job opening or position.  Recruitment can be conducted in-house or by a third party recruiting agency.  Recruitment can be done from within or outside an organization depending on the skills required for the posted position.

What does the typical recruiting process look like?

While this can vary, the typical recruiting process will likely consist of a series of steps including but not limited to:

  1. Placement of the job posting or ad for the position being hired for. Postings can take many forms including:
    • Communicating job openings on the company website
    • Posting of jobs internally on the companies intranet
    • Posting jobs on third part sites such as Monster or Indeed
    • Posting jobs via social media such as LinkedIn
  2. Compilation of resumes or job applications.
  3. Screening of applicants
  4. Culling of applicants
  5. Selection of applicants to interview
  6. Conducting the interview process
  7. Narrowing down the candidates for second or subsequent interviews
  8. Continuing the interview process
  9. Hiring of the most ideal candidate

There may be more or less steps involved depending on whether the recruiting is done in-house or through a third party.

Can recruiters be used for temporary staffing needs?

Yes, recruiters can be a great resource for helping employers with their temporary staffing needs.

Are recruiters and head hunters the same thing?

While they can be similar, recruiters and head hunters are different.  Recruiters are typically involved in the entire recruitment process and if they are in-house are typically part of the HR team or are the HR manager themselves.  Head hunters are typically third parties that are independent contractors hired by an organization to find an ideal candidate (quite often for harder to fill positions).  Head hunters may work as part of a recruitment agency.  More on the difference between recruiters and head hunters can be found here.

Who typically uses the services of a recruiter?

Both job seekers and employers looking for candidates can use recruiters to assist in the recruitment of job search process.

Does Aspire offer recruiting services?

Yes, Aspire Recruitment Solutions is the leading human resource solution and employment agency provider to clients in Kelowna, Central, North and South Okanagan, Northern BC and Alberta. We endeavour to connect great employers with the best candidates every day.

Have more questions on recruitment or the recruiting process?  Feel free to reach out to the friendly staff at Aspire and tell us about your hiring needs and discover how easy it is to win with Aspire Recruitment Solutions. Give us a call today!

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