Employers: 3 Sneaky Signs It’s Time To Outsource Work Tasks


Creative Commons Photo Credit to Flickr User Auger Marketing

Creative Commons Photo Credit to Flickr User Auger Marketing

Being a recruiter in Kelowna is incredibly rewarding work because I get to watch businesses grow.

In tracing company stories back to ambitious entrepreneurial roots, family-owned establishments and hard-working teams that have overcome daunting obstacles, I’m constantly in awe of the people shaping the Kelowna business landscape.

I know there’s no magic bullet for success, but there’s something I notice most growing companies in Kelowna know how to do:

They know when to ask for help.

Brilliant entrepreneurs and business owners recognize their talents and realize that they can’t do it all. Some tasks can and should be delegated in order to free up time for doing what they do best: generating revenue.

From administrative duties to bookkeeping, customer assistance and resource management, there are a number of tasks that could get in the way of growing your business.  Your workday might seem productive because of all the “busyness”, but is it helping you grow a better business?

Here are 3 sneaky signs it’s time to outsource work tasks:

1.  Thinking about an upcoming period of high business activity fills you with a sense of dread.

Like the week leading up to a big production opening, a seasonal business rush is inevitably stressful. But at the end of the day, everyone pulls together and makes it out alive.  Right?

If you’re questioning whether your company is prepared to make it out alive of the next high activity period, it’s time to tally up your resources. Employees who are stretched too thin during these extra-busy times could be susceptible to burnout.  You could be, too.

Outsourcing temporary assistance with the help of an employment agency in Kelowna is an easy and affordable way to tackle the demands of a cyclical business. Temporary workers can alleviate pressure on existing employees and help maximize productivity for the entire team.

2.  There is a big, looming project you can’t bring yourself to start.

Take a minute to consider the pain point holding you back. OpenForum contributor Rieva Lesonsky has an idea:

“If a project is out of our comfort zone, we often delay getting started. “

Simply put, you might lack the expertise you need to complete the project. And that’s okay!

Outsourcing the project (or parts of the project) to someone who is competent will ensure you deliver results in a timely, effective manner, and could give you the experience you need to tackle similar challenges in the future.

3.  “Lunchtime” is the delicious hour when you actually get to focus on your work.

If non-critical tasks fill your days and leave you with nary a moment to spare growing your business, then it’s time to make a change.

A recruiter in Kelowna can help you assess which daily tasks to delegate to someone else, and provide skilled, adaptable candidates to suit your needs.

Imagine extending that lunch hour into the entire afternoon, with no fussy, fruitless tasks to stall your productivity. With extra help around the office, you have time to grow.

A strategy for business growth

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