Administrative Coordinator

Our client is searching for a unique addition to their team! This is a very diverse remote role, and you’ll be expected to manage a complex schedule, tasks, and requests throughout the day and keep up with the fast pace of a remote group.


You’ll coordinate the administrative side of the team. This includes, in a general sense, maintaining a schedule of 20+ remote workers, organizing a 24/7 schedule, daily administrative reports, on-the-fly scheduling arrangements, industry research, and client liaison. So what does that all mean?

  • You will self-manage your day-to-day work and identify the high-priority tasks to complete alongside seamlessly managing urgent scheduling and client needs.
  • You’ll regularly maintain and update the online documents (manuals, emails, daily records, scripts, client information, etc.) on the company’s server.
  • The schedule operates 24/7. Answering the after-hours business phones and instant messages on a shared basis is an extension of the scheduling responsibilities.
  • You’ll be the first line of support for the technical and organizational aspects of coordinating live captioning services to troubleshoot immediate on-air issues.

You will have direct support from the president in your tasks and responsibilities, but it’s expected that you can reach decisions and conclusions regarding scheduling on your own. It is expected that, after a training period, you can be almost entirely self-sufficient with the day-to-day management of the schedule and other related duties.

As you progress in the role, you will take on long-term tasks that will help grow the business such as client awareness, acquisition, and hiring of personnel, and various tasks at the president’s request.


  • Minimum of five years of solid management/scheduling experience
  • Demonstrated ability to self-prioritize tasks in a remote or hands-off work environment; self-directed
  • Highly proficient with Microsoft Office, particularly in Excel, Outlook, and Word
  • Very strong general computer skills; the majority of our communication happens via computer
  • Your own laptop/computer setup; hooked up to two external monitor(s) and hardwired to internet
  • Honed English and grammar skills; our business *is* captioning, after all!
  • Knowledge of the broadcast or 24-hour service industry an asset
  • Ability to view Canadian channels in all five time zones (via satellite or otherwise)
  • Savvy with business social media an asset


  • Strong attention to detail. You sweat the small stuff, have an analytical mind and a keen ability to process data and results to maximize efficiency.
  • Competent scheduler and problem-solver. Our broadcast schedule is broken up into 30-minute increments and is a lot like a big puzzle! You’ll need to think creatively and logically to make quick go-forward decisions with little support.
  • Thrives when working on the computer. You are savvy at communicating through instant messaging and emails with the captioners and staff… you are comfortable using multiple screens and working in multiple applications simultaneously. Excellent internet speed and cell service in your area is a must.
  • Flexible. A 24/7 broadcast schedule is always in action, and some emergency work outside of business hours is required.
  • Proactive. You anticipate the needs of the business and the president and have a desire to take on new projects with gusto.
  • Trustworthy. Handling confidential client information and maintaining strong working relationships with our remote captioning team is essential.
  • Researcher. You have a knack for researching, explaining, and implementing technical processes for clients and captioners…even though you aren’t using the technical software or equipment yourself.
  • Supportive. You work well under pressure and can remotely coordinate scheduling changes with clients and captioners efficiently. Every second counts in broadcast, and prioritizing urgent and nonurgent tasks is a must!
  • Thinker. You can make sound judgment calls on your own and brainstorm with the president about the direction of tasks, creative solutions, and handling delicate scenarios.


  • competitive compensation
  • opportunities to grow into new tasks and responsibilities
  • a large variety of tasks and daily responsibilities to keep you engaged
  • working with a skilled, committed remote team that stands behind and supports your role
  • exciting work in the broadcast industry where anything can happen, lots of challenges… you’ll never be bored!

Applications without a job-specific cover letter will not be considered. Please be sure to include personal details about yourself in a cover letter, outlining your potential at-home work environment and reasons why you would be a good fit for this position.

Selected applicants will be skills-tested.


The Captioning Group Inc. has been providing realtime captioning across North America since 1991. We cover a variety of live broadcast events, including local, national and international news, sporting events, religious events, and government proceedings… and most recently, a lot of remote web captioning on platforms such as Zoom. 

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